Propelled by a long held belief that organizations and businesses aren’t just brands to be built, but causes to be believed in, Message And Purpose (MAP) has lift-off. Our destination is a world where leaders are always guided by a noble purpose; where employees and owners can’t wait to get up in the morning and bring that purpose to life; where communities thrive because that purpose brings real benefit to everyone and everything that lives, works and plays there; and, a world where the lands, waters and skies are healthier today than they were yesterday.

We at MAP are humble enough to realize we won't create such a world on our own. Fortunately, we aren’t alone in the journey to such a place. We know there are CEO’s, social entrepreneurs, change agents, committed citizens, nonprofits and entire business cultures venturing forward on the path of noble purpose. We know our numbers are growing. You can see it in the explosion of the B-Corp. community. You can track it in growing presence of sustainability in business planning and operations. You can measure it in the expanding numbers of students hungry for socially responsible curricula and schools stepping up and feeding that hunger. And, you can simply feel it in your gut, the gnawing realization that our reason for being goes beyond generating a profit—that in fact, profit is a fuel for achieving meaningful purpose. 

Yet, along with that undeniable feeling, we at MAP acknowledge the data and research making the case for being a purpose-led organization. The most recent Kelly Global Workforce Index reports that two thirds of workers intend to look for a job with another organization. Less than half feel they have real job fulfillment or have a genuine sense of purpose and meaning. Only half say they are happy in their jobs. Just 44% say they feel valued by their employer. And Gallup recently reported that only 36% of workers feel ‘engaged’. There is even data pointing out that a high percentage of CEOs and managers don't like what they do. We think purpose, or lack of purpose, is a key the reason why—with the emphasis on ‘why’. It’s vitally important to know why you do what you do versus simply doing what you do. We’ll talk about the ‘Why Axis’ in upcoming blogs and even share a chapter entitled ‘How to Why’ from a book we wrote in 2006.  But for now . . .

We at MAP view these numbers as a reason for change, but we also see them revealing a glass half full versus half empty. The U.S. based data and research from Cone Roper validates our optimism. To quote:  “America’s appetite for corporate involvement in social and environmental issues is voracious. Just 7% of the U.S. population believes corporations only need to be concerned with their bottom line. More than nine-in-ten look to companies to support social or environmental issues in some capacity, and 88% are eager to hear from companies about those efforts. A whopping 91% want to see more products, services and retailers support worthy causes—up 8% since 2010.”

But what if the worthy cause was the business itself? What if the purpose of an organization resulted in social and environmental change and benefit?  What if the business itself was respected as an asset to our environmental and social fabric without having to rely on associating with cause outside of itself in order to garner such respect?  The answers to these questions drive MAP. We are here to help businesses and organizations realize their noble purpose and provide them with the compass for staying on course. With MAP in hand, your organization will not only envision a better world, but have the directions to actually arrive there.

So, with this initial post, Message And Purpose is launched. Join us on the journey!