MAP is all about helping organizations stay aligned with their true north by working with them to develop their key directional coordinates on their compass: Purpose, People, Promise and Principles.  

We also realize that to be an organization driven by noble purpose, there are other sub-coordinates that will impact successful navigation.  No, these aren’t the four traditional ‘p’ words associated with marketing: product, place, price and promotion

 These sub-coordinates run deep, often beneath the surface. Organizations that bring them into clear view and within reach will enhance their ability to move with purpose toward purpose.  These sub-coordinates strengthen the flow and interaction between Purpose, People, Promise and Principles.  We call them the ‘Seven C’s’.  The Seven C’s serve as the activators that propel you toward your noble destination. Create and Connect are two of the Seven C’s. 

Create something

 Find yourself and your organization in the act of creation.  Create a healthy, toxic-free culture.  Create a healthy, toxic-free product.  Create a healthy, toxic-free relationship with your customers and communities.  Open the window wide to innovation and allow active thinking and daydreaming to be breaths of fresh air helping to blow down the walls of ‘take no risks’, ‘more revenue at all costs’ and ‘marginal not meaningful results’.  If your organization is in the doldrums, realize how creating something simple and clear can cast a positive light on what you do and why you are doing it. It may not be billable right now, but stop and dash off a haiku, doodle, donate a few minutes of your mind to mindfulness or do something that stokes the fires of imagination

Connect with someone

Take the stairs to the stockroom and talk with the team loading the pallets and unpacking the supplies.  Call a customer of the blue - make it a customer you have never officially met or spoken with before.  Stop and smell the roses the neighbor is pruning and offer a cup of refreshment.  Out of the blue, call that prospect who has fallen to the bottom of the lead list. Out of the blue, call that someone who has fallen to the bottom of the friend list. Volunteer at a charity you believe in or help others with their volunteering. Like or tweet someone way out of your everyday orbit.  And take a minute to connect with that person who may have suddenly become a stranger - you.

 Our next post will explore two more C’s: Change and Challenge.