Good for Business has recently launched a new project called Climate Changers.

The purpose of Climate Changers is to create and share an international community of individuals taking on the challenge and opportunity of climate change. The actions of these individuals will inform, inspire and ignite people everywhere to act in ways that not only reverse and reduce the negative impact of climate change, but to actually begin to create a sustainable and just tomorrow for all.

Climate Changers provides an uplifting global/local community that informs, inspires and provides actions individuals are taking to not only reduce and reverse the negative impacts of climate change, but to actually begin to create a sustainable and just tomorrow for all.

Climate Changers shows how people around the world are making a difference through government, business, organizations communities and as global and local citizens.  We provide inclusive, innovative and compassionate examples and solutions you can use or adopt.  From changing government policy, the way we shop and how we get our energy to changing business philosophy and practice, our travel habits and needs and the conversation about climate change to include many more voices.  Climate Changes opens the door to everyone becoming a climate change agent.

Framed around human dignity, Climate Changers empowers people to step forward.  While addressing climate change can be met with apathy, fear, hopelessness, anger and denial, Climate Changers builds on the hope and optimism of collective and individual action and gives a human face to climate.  Climate Changers provides examples of how one person can make a difference - be it small or major - and others can see themselves in that person and what they are doing.  It is critical for the continued advance of the climate change movement that the diverse ways of acting can be be shared with all.   Climate Changers is driven by the belief that every 'we starts with i'. 

Climate Changers has been selected as a project of the Center for Transformative Action (CTA). CTA serves as our non-profit fiscal sponsor which allows us to seek donations and apply for grants. 

We are just beginning the Climate Changers journey and need all the help and support we can get.  We have created a 'pre-site' that explains what the project is and how it will unfold.  You can visit the pre-site at

We invite you donate to Climate Changers.   By support our work now, you will help ensure a better future for everyone.  Your donation is tax deductible.