Jim Armstrong, founder of Good for Business, is also the founder of MAPAs our mothership, Good for Business, became more involved and invested in helping business and organizations unearth, capture and communicate their purpose, we determined that a new entity must be created to specifically address this growing need. MAP: Message And Purpose, is the newly launched purpose-led planning and messaging arm of Good for Business, a certified B-Corporation.

Jim brings to MAP his 15-year track record at Good for Business of helping over 100 businesses and organizations realize their purpose and then communicating that purpose. Jim’s socially responsible, sustainable approach to communications has served clients from New Zealand and New England to the UK and the UW and in sectors ranging from energy, education and economic development to equal rights and environmental justice. Jim even wrote a book about his approach—Beyond the Mission Statement: How Cause-based Communications Lead to Real Successpublished in 2006 (Paramount/Macmillan India).

What’s the difference between MAP and Good for Business

Whereas the purpose of Good for Business is the creation of authentic and meaningful communications ranging from logos, web sites, videos and ads, MAP is devoted to providing you with a clear, compelling, purpose-led compass that you can use for planning, culture-building, community outreach and creating and fortifying your relationship with citizens and constituencies. And, yes, you will also find it a vital guide for creating web sites and ads as well as interacting with your marketing/design/pr and branding providers.

Businesses aren’t just brands to be
built, but causes to be believed in.
— Jim Armstrong

Message And Purpose is driven by the realization that businesses aren’t just brands to be built, but causes to be believed in.™ MAP is dedicated to helping businesses, nonprofits, social entrepreneurs and change agents realize their purpose or ‘why’, and then create a unique MAP that serves as a clear guide for making that purpose come to life for your culture, customers, community and other core constituencies.